SUPORT (ERASMUS 510432-LLP-1-2010)

Project Name: SME University Partnership – Online Resource & Training (SUPORT) Reference: 510432-LLP-1-2010-IE-ERASMUS Duration: November 2010 - November 2012 Project coordinator: Louth Country Enterpirse Board Web: not yet Partners:
  • Louth Country Enterpirse Board, Ireland
  • Canice Consulting, United Kingdom
  • Fraunhofer, Germany
  • Mindsh...

GPriX (FP7-2010-SME-245459)

Project Name: GPrix - Good Practices in Innovation Support Measures for SMEs: facilitating transition from the traditional to the knowledge economy Reference: ICT-257574 Duration: December 2009 – December 2011 (36 months) Project coordinator: Pedro Soutinho and Pedro Castro, Inovamais, Portugal Web: Partners: ...

Evolutionary Testing (EvoTest) (FP6-IST-33472)

The EvoTest project that ran from 2006 till 2009 has combined the power of evolutionary adaptive techniques, inspired by biological evolution, with software engineering techniques in order to solve some the problems of testing software systems and deal with its complexity. EvoTest’s results have been evaluated using real case studies from the automotive, telecommunications and communication industries. Project Name: EvoTest – Evolutionary Testing for Complex Systems More