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Test Automation at the User Interface Level

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Olivia Rodriguez Valdes, Tanja E. J. Vos, Pekka Aho and Beatriz Marín. 30 years of automated GUI testing: a bibliometric analysis - Olivia Rodriguez Valdes, Tanja E. J. Vos, Pekka Aho and Beatriz Marín. QUATIC 2021.

Vos, TEJ, Aho, P, Pastor Ricos, F, Rodriguez Valdes, O, Mulders, A. testar – scriptless testing through graphical user interface. Softw. Test. Verif. Reliab. 2021; 31:e1771.

Tanja E.J. Vos y Beatriz Marín . Enseñanza temprana del testing en cursos de programación . Actas de las Jornadas de Innovación Docente ETSINF ...

Tanja E.J. Vos


SHIP (2015-2016)

SHIP (2015-2016)
The Innovation Alliance Project will strengthen the knowledge triangle, building sustainable collaborative relationships between universities, SMEs and innovation support organizations. It responds to the problem of increasing fragmentation in the field of innovation promotion, especially the dislocation between those who generate knowledge that could spur innovation (HEIs), and those who can translate that knowledge into marketable strategies and use it to produce economic growth (SMEs). Since the SME sector accounts for 99% of all businesses, provides two thirds of private sector jobs and contributes more than half of the total value-added created by businesses in the EU, the implementation of greater innovation in SMEs in an effective and cost –efficient way is vital to fulfilling not only Europe’s economic objectives, but also those of a more equal and productive society with higher social and economic integration. To achieve its goals, our project entails: ...

MODERN: Mobile and Digital E-learning Toolkit

Reference: 2015-1-UK01-KA202-013569 Duration: September 2015 - September 2017 Project coordinator: Canice Consulting Web: Partners: 1. UNIVERSITAT POLITECNICA DE VALENCIA (SP); 2. EUROPEAN UNIVERSITIES CONTINUING EDUCATION NETWORK (SP); 3. Momentum Marketing Services Ltd (IE); 4. UNIWERSYTET SZCZECINSKI (PL); 5. EfVET (NL) Summary: The objectives of MODERN are:
  • Carry out an Audit of Digital and Interactive learning resources to present and categorise the range of resources currently available and analyse the pedagogic strengths and weaknesses of the 20 most promising resources.
  • Create, publish and promote the MODERN Tool kit providing practical guidance and tools for educators wishing to incorporate digital elearning resources with hig...
  • PERTEST – Pruebas de la persistencia de datos y perspectiva de usuario bajo nuevos paradigmas

    Referencia: TIN2013-46928-C3-1-R Coordinador: Javier Tuya (Universidad de OViedo) Resumen: El propósito es concebir soluciones y tecnologías innovadoras para la mejora de los procesos de pruebas de las aplicaciones que utilizan nuevos paradigmas de persistencia de datos y la interacción con el usuario. Este proyecto forma parte del proyecto coordinado PRESI: Tecnologías de pruebas y de gestión de la estrategia para los retos de la Internet del Futuro coordinado por este grupo y constituido por tres subproyectos que totalizan 35 investigadores.

    TESTAR Proof of Concept

    reference: SP20141402 (funded by the UPV) duration: Jan 2015 - Dec 2015 Project co-ordinator: Tanja Vos Web:

    Innovative Trainer (Leonardo 2012-1-GB2-LEO05-07860)

    Project Name: Innovative Trainer Reference: 510432-LLP-1-2010-IE-ERASMUS Duration: November 2012 - November 2014 Project coordinator: Newry and Mourne Enterprise Agency – United Kingdom Web: Partners:
    • Newry and Mourne Enterprise Agency – United Kingdom
    • Louth County Enterprise Board – Ireland
    • Universitatea POLITEHNICA din Bucuresti – Romania
    • Canice Consulting – United Kingdom
    • National Enterprise Network – United Kingdom
    • Mindshare – France
    • European Business and Innovation Network – Belgium
    • Universidad Politécnica de Valencia – Spain
    • National Enterprise Network – United Kingdom
    Summary   SUPORT (ERASMUS 510432-LLP-1-2010)
    Project Name: SME University Partnership – Online Resource & Training (SUPORT) Reference: 510432-LLP-1-2010-IE-ERASMUS Duration: November 2010 - November 2012 Project coordinator: Louth Country Enterpirse Board Web: not yet Partners:
    • Louth Country Enterpirse Board, Ireland
    • Canice Consulting, United Kingdom
    • Fraunhofer, Germany
    • Mindshare Consulting, France
    • Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Germany
    • Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
    • Northern Chamber, Poland
    • Newry & Mourne Enterpirse Agency, Northern Ireland
    Summary The aim of SUPORT is clear: to enable SMEs to break down the barriers to the research that exists within Universities. The premise for the SUPORT project is simple; much research has been conducted in Universities and...


    Test Automation at the User Interface Level